See How Each Candle Is Made

See How Each Candle Is Made

If you step into our workshop on any given day, you’ll see rows and rows of our beautiful lotion candles being made. We start by lining up hundreds of candle glasses, we then insert the wick into each candle. Once we have lined up all the candles and added wicks we hand pour each candle with our unique blend of cosmetic-grade soy wax, rose hip oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and an essential oil fragrance oil blend.

We then let the candles dry overnight. We have spent years perfecting our ingredients to bring the most luxurious lotion candles to you. Small batches are made daily to make sure that our candles are fresh and perfectly made.

Step one: We line up hundreds of candle glasses


Step two: We insert wicks into each candle by hand

Step three: We mix up all of the ingredients and then pour each candle by hand


Step four: We let all the lotion candles dry overnight

Step five: We add the label

Step six: We ship each candle to their new home! 



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