Your Brand, Our Candles! Open a Private Label Account

Your Brand, Our Candles! Open a Private Label Account

What is private label?

 We create high-quality candles, and you personalize them to promote the growth of your business. Use your own unique  branding and logo to add to each product. It’s as simple as that.

 Offering candles that are hand poured in the U.S. is an exciting way to expand your own branding, as 75% of U.S. residents prefer to purchase goods made in the United States. By shopping with us, you can gladly tell your clients that you support a small business that hand pours each candle in the mountains of North Carolina. Creating your own candle company is an excellent way to provide a product that encourages self-care, skin care, and allows your customers to create a balanced atmosphere in their homes.

How our private label program works

For more information on opening a private label account, please contact our wholesale and private label manager, Kelley, at for more information.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“We have bought these over and over and are very pleased every time. In fact,  we haven't bought any candles from anyone else In over 3 years. It's very important to know what it is you are burning and putting off into the air, even some of the most popular candle brands are toxic, and their candles are safe enough to use on your skin. Definitely worth every dime.” – M. McKeenan

“My favorite candles to have! I have almost every scent, and have them in every room of the house. The staff and owner are so pleasant and helpful, I've been buying and using them for years, and will continue to. Great job! Can't wait to try the new line!” – M. Deegan

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