FAQ – Element Tree Essentials


Q: I’ve heard that all soy is skin safe. Is it safe to use any soy candle on my skin?

Not always. Candles that are made for fragrance are different than candles made for use on the skin. When a product is intended for body use, it has to be approved by the FDA. Here, at Element Tree, our candles are manufactured to these regulations. We make sure we only use skin-safe fragrances and essential oils.

Q: Do you use soy wax in your candles?

Element Tree uses cosmetic grade soy, which comes from soybean oil. Soy wax used in typical soy candles will feel heavy on your body and will not fully absorb into your skin the way an Element Tree Lotion Candle does. Most soy candles on the market are made just to scent the home. These candles are not made from cosmetic-grade soy. Element Tree Lotion Candles are made specifically for use on the skin. They contain not only cosmetic-grade soy, but also a combination of skin-nourishing ingredients including grapeseed oil, Shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E.

Q: Is it really safe to use the melted lotion directly on my skin right after blowing out the flame?

Absolutely! The most important thing to remember is to blow out the flame. Never put your fingers in the warm lotion while the candle is still burning. Once the flame is out, the temperature of the wax will be like that of warm bath. Just rub it on your skin, and it will leave your skin feeling soft and lightly scented.

Q: Is there anyone who should not use the Element Tree Candle?

Due to the use of nut-based ingredients, do not use our candle if you are allergic to nuts or nut-based products. If you are allergic to fragrances used in bath and body products, we suggest you to test our product on a small area of skin before using on large areas of your body. Also, make sure to keep children away from candles to avoid accidents.

Q: What are the benefits of the high quality, cosmetic grade soy used in your candles?

Soy candles offer many benefits. To name a few:

  • Soy candles are biodegradable
  • They clean up easily with soap and water
  • Burn virtually soot-free
  • There are no toxins and carcinogens
  • They don’t burn as hot as other candles
  • They last longer
  • They are a renewable resource
  • Support the American farmers and agriculture instead of the overseas petroleum market of which paraffin is a by-product
Unlike traditional soy candles, cosmetic-grade soy contains moisturizing and skin nourishing qualities.


Q: Are Element Tree Candles safe for the environment?

Yes. At Element Tree, we take pride in taking care of our skin, and the environment. We go to great lengths to manufacture an all-natural* product (*with the exception of the fragrance oil used in our fragrance oil scented candles) that is not only safe for the body, but also safe for the environment. For example, our candles: Are all-natural and made from cosmetic-grade soybean oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, vitamin E, and skin-safe essential oil or fragrance oil. They contain no additives such as dye, stearic acid, or UV inhibitor. We use a cotton core wick that contains no lead or zinc. We adhere to all guidelines established by the FDA for bath and body product safety. We also offer a recycling program.

Q: Is there a difference between fragrance oils and essential oils?

Yes, there is. Many people believe these two terms mean the same thing. The difference is that fragrance oils are man made scents, and essential oils are derived strictly from nature. Essential oils are generally derived leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, or roots of plants. Fragrance oil is produced to imitate certain popular scents, such as the scents of the tropics. This does not make them “bad” in any way; in fact fragrance oils offer a much wider variety. It is important to note that fragrance oils are not 100% natural, and they should not be marketed in this manner.

Q: What is the average burn time for an Element Tree Candle?

When burned from start to finish, the Element Tree Lotion Candle in the 11oz size will burn from 60 to 80 hours, and our candles in the 8oz size will burn for 40-60 hours. It is difficult to determine exactly how many uses you will get from the candle due to the variation in applications (i.e. hands, feet, full body massage, etc.), but we can assure you that a little bit does go a long way, and you will get an fantastic value out of your candle.