Q: Do you use soy wax in your candles?

Yes, soy wax is a key ingredient in our candles. All of the soy wax that we use is cosmetic-grade, coming from soybean oil. Soy wax that is typically used in most soy candles feels heavy on the skin and body, doesn’t fully absorb, and typically isn’t a cosmetic-grade. Our soy wax candles are specially crafted for your skin care in mind, with added nourishing ingredients like rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E.

Q: Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! We offer wholesale and private label. First, go here to fill out our private label/wholesale application. Our wholesale account manager, Lauren, will email you our wholesale information. You may contact her directly at lauren.elementtree@gmail.com or 828-483-6404. We look forward to working with you!

Q: What is private label?

Personalize your own high quality candle to promote the growth of your business! Use your own unique design of branding and logo, and we will add it to each product. It’s as simple as that.

Offering candles that are hand poured in the U.S. is an exciting way to expand your own branding, as 75% of U.S. residents prefer to purchase goods made in the United States. Increase trust and sales with your own clients by proudly supporting a small local business. Please contact Lauren, our wholesale and private label account manager, directly at lauren.elementtree@gmail.com or 828-483-6404. In the meantime, please go here to fill out our private label/wholesale application and Lauren will get back to you within 48 hours.

Q: I have been told that all soy is skin-safe. Is it safe to use any soy candle on my skin?

It’s not always safe to use any common soy candle on your skin. Candles that are solely made for fragrance are crafted differently than candles that are made for skin-care. When a product is intended to be used on the body, the FDA must approve the product for safety. Here at Element Tree, our products meet their standards. We offer cosmetic grade soy based candles crafted with top of the line fragrance oils that are infused with essential oils. Our fragrances are phthalate, paraben, and sulfate free. Please note that if you have an allergy to soy or any of our candle ingredients then do not use our the candle on your skin.

Q: What are the benefits of the high quality, cosmetic-grade soy used in your candles?

Soy candles offer many wonderful benefits. Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Biodegradable
  • Clean up easily with soap and water
  • Burn virtually soot-free
  • Carries no toxins and carcinogens
  • Made from a renewable resource
  • Last longer than other candles, burning anywhere from 40-80 hours depending on the size
  • Support the American farmers and agriculture instead of the overseas petroleum market (of which paraffin is a by-product)
  • Contains moisturizing and skin nourishing qualities

Q: Is it really safe to use the melted lotion directly on my skin right after blowing out the flame? 

Yes! Feel free to indulge in the wonderful feeling of warm lotion on your skin right after you blow out the flame! The area around the wick will still hold heat, leaving it the same temperature as a warm bath, and offers the perfect moment to nourish your skin with a warm, soothing feeling.

Q: Is there anyone who should not use the Element Tree Candle? 

Due to the nut-based ingredients found in the candles, they are not suited for people who are allergic to nuts or nut-based products. If you are someone who is allergic to fragrances used in bath and body products, we suggest testing our product on a small area of skin before applying it to large areas of the body. Also, please be aware of children around candles to avoid accidents.

Q: Are Element Tree Candles eco-friendly?

Yes, Element Tree Candles are safe for the environment. Not only do we take pride in caring for skin, but we value our planet! We always craft all-natural* products that are safe for your body and the planet. The main ingredients in our candles are made from cosmetic-grade soybean oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and skin-safe essential oil or fragrance oil. We never add harmful ingredients such as dye stearic acid, or UV inhibitor. Our wick has a cotton core that contains no lead or zinc. 

*with the exception of the fragrance oil used in our fragrance oil scented candles


Q: Is there a difference between fragrance oils and essential oils?

Yes, fragrance oils are man made scents, and essential oils are derived strictly from nature. Essential oils are generally created from leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, or the roots of a plant. Fragrance oils are used to imitate the generally popular scents, such as a scent from the tropics or a vanilla cake. It is important to note that fragrance oils are not 100% natural, and should not be marketed in this manner.

Q: What is the average burn time for an Element Tree Candle?

When burned from start to finish, the Element Tree Lotion Candle in the 11oz size will burn from 70 to 80 hours. The number of usages that you can get from the candles will change in accordance with the quantity of lotion applied with each use, but keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Each candle offers a beautiful opportunity to be used for self-care, skin-care, and creating the atmosphere that you desire. Enjoy!

Q: What is your candle making process?

Each candle is dreamed up, crafted, and hand poured in our workshop located in Asheville, North Carolina. As each candle is poured, the highest quality lotion candle is created, making our lotion candles the most luxurious on the market. 

Q: What is your return policy?

We hope that your product brings you 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your candle we offer full refunds. Please return your products within 30 days of purchase/receiving your order.  Returns on custom items or sale items is not permitted. Please reach out to our shop manager Lauren directly at Lauren@ShopElementTree.com with any questions or concerns.

Q: Where can I find your candles?

Please refer to our location page for a list of locations where Element Tree Lotion candles can be found.