Wild Honeysuckle Solid Perfume 10 ml

$ 12.00

What is solid perfume?

Solid perfumes are highly concentrated, wax-based fragrances that offer deeper notes than spray or liquid perfumesAt Element Tree Essentials we use a base of beeswax to craft our solid perfumes. We add shea butter, jojoba, castor oil, and coconut oil to heal and nourish the skin, then add the signature fragrance of your choice. With these simple ingredients, our solids are fierce competition to the liquid counterparts that contain alcohol and harsh additives. ETE solid perfumes provide a personal fragrance — for the ones closest to you, but not the whole office or restaurant. Also used as cuticle cream, these wonderful pocket-sized perfumes come in a very small containers, perfect for adjusting your scent at any time of day. 

Wild Honeysuckle scent:

Delight your senses with Wild Honeysuckle. This floral, fresh and sweet scent is a spring and summer favorite. Smells just like the fragrant blossoms on a mountainside Honeysuckle vine. This vibrant fragrance uplifts and rejuvenates.